Open and scalable platform for industrial monitoring and control systems

Client-server architecture

IntraSCADA operates in a distributed client-server architecture. One server provides access to operational and archived data for an unlimited number of clients.

Control panels

Computers, tablets, smartphones. Any devices with web browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Operating system

Cross-platform SCADA allows you to develop and run your automation system project on all common operating systems: Linux, MacOSX, Windows.


You can visualize and manage projects of any size – from small local solutions to large facilities. Thanks to its software architecture, IntraSCADA is suitable for any automation task.

Industry 4.0

IntraSCADA is ideal for developing Industry 4.0 projects. Supported technologies, platform extensions, and full integration with web-tools make the IntraSCADA platform an excellent tool for creating modern information solutions.

Project development time

Highly qualified personnel are employed in the development of a SCADA project, that’s why the choice of the IntraSCADA platform will help to significantly reduce the time and costs for creating projects.

No restrictions

Unlimited connectable devices and tags. There are no licensing restrictions on the number of clients connected to SCADA.